Casino bonuses

Gambling is legal in almost all forms, so Latvian players know how to gamble.

One of the main criteria for choosing an online casino is the variety of bonuses. Latvian sites offer their customers plenty of bonuses and good deals. This applies to newcomers as well as regular customers.

If you want to choose a slot machine site, you can pay attention to special review sites. They rank the best licensed online casinos with a list of current bonuses.

When choosing a casino bonus, it’s important to pay attention not only to the prizes, but also to the wagering conditions. Many newcomers don’t read these rules at first, resulting in losing their winnings. But if you follow the terms and conditions, casino bonuses are a great way to earn extra income. What exactly are casino bonuses? Read on.

Why do online casinos offer bonuses

It’s not just about advertising or attracting new players. First and foremost, casino bonuses are needed so that everyone can experience the features of the chosen online casino. For example, the casino welcome bonuses give you the chance to see if there really is a chance to win real money. Also, the player will understand if he is comfortable playing here and decide for himself whether he is ready to make real bets.

Types of casino bonuses online

Because the gambling industry is now at the peak of popularity not only in Latvia, but also in other countries, new promotions and profitable offers appear regularly. Administrators of modern online casinos are trying to create the most favorable conditions for their regular customers and attract newcomers generous bonuses.

Of course, online casinos have not only gifts for the deposit and no deposit bonuses for registration. Free spins, cashback, tournaments, raffles, quests, comp points for loyalty programs, VIP club with a variety of benefits – modern online casinos have everything to make the game rich and interesting. Below is detailed information about the types of promotions that can be found on the casino website.

New users at online casinos in Lithuania when registering is recommended to tick the box and sign up for email updates. The administration of the site will not constantly bother the client with letters. At the specified email address only occasionally will receive letters with upcoming updates and promotions.

These letters should be opened, as sometimes they may even contain secret promo codes that are not listed on the site. If the player has not received an email for a while but sees that there are updates on the site, it is advisable to check the spam folder. Sometimes emails end up here by mistake.

Free Casino Freespins

Free reel spins are very common among online casinos. Freespins are offered either as a welcome bonus, as a separate promotion for activity on the site, or as a present during a holiday.

Free reel spins always involve a fixed bet on a particular slot or group of slot machines from a particular manufacturer.

More often than not, players are offered freespins for registering. Creating an account gives you the opportunity to try your luck and see if you want to continue playing at this online casino. At the same time, fs for registration allow you to risk nothing, which is very convenient for players.

In the casino, free freespins are provided in classic or fruit slots, which is very convenient for newcomers. One can understand the basics of the industry, figure out the principle of forming combinations and pick a successful strategy.

Deposit bonuses

These are gifts for deposits, which can be awarded separately or as part of the welcome package. The amount of the bonus for the first deposit casino, as in subsequent cases, varies depending on the amount of the deposit. The higher it is, the larger the gift accordingly.

As for such promotions as part of a whole rewards package, the biggest profit is guaranteed at the casino for the first deposit bonus, for example, +200%. Then a player can get +100% for a second deposit, +75% for a third deposit, +50% for a fourth deposit and so on.

As a rule, deposit bonus has a wagering condition. That means that the bonus is deposited to a special account first. To transfer this money to the main balance, it must be wagered at a certain ratio. For example, the player will need to wager 15 times the amount of the prize at vajjer x15.

It turns out that the higher the odds, the more difficult it is to wagering. In addition to this indicator it is important to consider other conditions. The rules may indicate that you can make 100% wagering only in slots with spinning reels, and in other table and card games take into account 50% or even 0%.

In addition, it is important to consider the maximum wagering allowed and the time to complete the task. In many Latvian online casinos administrators are going to meet the players and prolong the wagering time. But for this you need to personally contact the operators of the online chat.

Unpaid bonuses

This is the nicest kind of gift for newbies, as no deposit is required at any casino. You can simply activate a casino sign-up bonus, log in to your account and start spinning the reels for free.

There are also many casinos in Latvia with no deposit bonus for showing activity on the site. These are given to players for bets placed, birthdays and other occasions. If there are no good offers right now, you can contact the online chat operators. They can pick up advantageous promotions on an individual basis.

Nowadays, almost every casino with a no deposit bonus offers gifts for their customers. To choose the best option, you should pay attention to the review sites and choose the site with the highest rating.

VIP casino bonuses for regular players

To become a VIP player, you just have to be registered at an online casino and actively play for money. Highly active online casino customers discover new opportunities and receive gifts. Often VIP casino members have access to secret tournaments and sweepstakes.

Casino promotions and tournaments

One of the types of online casino promotions are tournaments. Here, players compete against a group of slots from a particular manufacturer or simply a series of slot machines dedicated to the same theme. The basic rules for participation include:

  • minimum deposit or bet in a particular machine;
  • Timing, i.e. playing within a certain period of time.

Most often the tournament table is published on the Main page of the Latvian casino website and is updated in real time. This makes the tournaments as fair and transparent as possible. The winner is not just one person, but a group of leaders in a tournament race, for example 10-50 participants. The prizes can be cash as well as other valuable prizes (gadgets, jewellery, home appliances and so on).

The next promotion, quite common on Lithuanian online casino sites, is lotteries. They do not require you to show your leadership qualities or strive for the biggest win among other players. In lotteries, everything depends solely on fortune.

When you make a deposit of a certain amount, you will receive a lottery ticket with a fixed combination of numbers. The number of tickets per casino customer is not limited, so the more bets made, the greater the player’s chances of winning. When the deadline is approaching, the online casino administration announces the list of lottery tickets that have won. Their owners receive a generous cash reward.

A little less popular in the Latvian online casinos use quests, but they can still be found on licensed sites with slot machines. The essence of the quests is that the player must complete a series of tasks in order to get the winnings. For example, one has to:

  • Deposit a certain amount of money;
  • to bet in one slot or a group of slot machines from a certain provider;
  • spin the reels a certain number of times and so on.

Quests can be linear (quests must be completed in a clear order) or non-linear (the player can choose any mission from the list and complete them).

Casino loyalty program

Many online casinos have a loyalty program, which offers additional benefits in the form of extra payouts, cashback, freespins and personalized gifts. As a rule, the VIP program consists of several stages-titles, which players can receive for making a certain amount of deposits. The bonus programme piques the interest of the users in every way and gives them the opportunity to move upwards with gusto.

If a newcomer has any questions regarding the bonus policy or other promotions, they should ask the online chat operators for help. They are generally available 24 hours a day and are willing to help players in any way they can.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you can read the answers to the questions most frequently asked by new customers.

How do I get a casino bonus in Latvia?

It is not enough to play free demo games to receive your gift. You have to register at an online casino, make a deposit and play for money. The more active player, the more surprises are waiting for him on the official website of the casino. The main thing – you need to take seriously the choice of site and play for money. You should create an account only on the licensed site, which has a lot of positive feedback.

How do I become a VIP at the casino?

To participate in the VIP program, you just need to be an active player and systematically play for money in your chosen online casino.

What kind of bonus is needed for new casino players?

The best option for new players who are not yet familiar with the gaming industry is the no deposit bonus, as there is no cost involved. Most often, a no deposit bonus is given to new customers for:

  • registering on the official casino website
  • pass through verification
  • complete a profile
  • Confirming phone number or email address

If a player has chosen a reliable online casino that does not offer no deposit bonuses, it is not worth rejecting this option. There are often lucrative welcome bonus packages available. For example, for the first deposit you can get +200%, for the next – 100% of the deposit amount, for the third – 50% and so on. You should also pay attention to online casinos with a lucrative loyalty program. If players are offered all sorts of privileges for showing activity, this game room is definitely worth attention.

How do I participate in a casino tournament?

Nothing much needs to be done to enter a tournament. The players’ task is to read the rules of the tournament carefully and perform the necessary actions. Most of the time, it involves making a deposit and playing for real money on specific slots. The winners are the players with the highest stakes or the biggest winnings.